Managing The Investment Lifecycle

Key entry level into projects and rigorous management throughout the investment lifecycle

Insights into Key Reference States

  • Long standing, in-depth knowledge of key infrastructure issues
  • Ability to bring best practices and converse with top executives in public agencies nationwide but also at more local level (e.g. large authorities and municipalities)


  • Highest level of engagement at projects level
  • Team’s longstanding established presence
  • Demonstrated access to top co-investors, advisers and industry leading figures

Due Diligence

  • Multi-faceted technical, financial, tax, legal and environmental due-diligence
  • Financial modelling


  • Financing creativity but focus on project delivery first and utmost
  • Contracts negotiation and risk allocation expertise
  • Equity and debt structuring, governance policies, documentation and closing
  • Set up of new joint ventures

Value Creation

  • Active asset management to seize value enhancement opportunities including continuous project de-risking
  • Management of exit process when desirable